Lusignani - Vini dei colli piacentini
Vin Santo di Vigoleno - Vino Passito
This dessert wine is produced in accordance with an antique tradition and it�s name Vin Santo derives from the fact that in times past the pressing of the grapes occurred in the Sainted Holy Week preceding Easter.

Only the very best bunches of grapes are picked and are laid on a trellis in �fruttai� a specially built aerated, drying room to assist in the maturation of the grapes.

After the pressing of the Vin Santo grapes (which takes place from December to February) the wine must produced is placed in small wooden casks for the completion of the fermentation process.
The wine is then conserved in these casks for a period of five years at least.

The wine is amber coloured and has a strong, sweet, full bodied, velvet smooth taste. Alcohol content 26% vol. Serve at room temperature as a dessert wine and at 9/10� C it makes a pleasurable contrast to strong mature cheeses.