Lusignani - Vini dei colli piacentini
In our vineyards, which are situated at 300 metres above sea level, are grown a variety of grapes which for centuries have been the basis of wines from the hills in the province of Piacenza: Bonarda, Barbera, Malvasia, Ortrugo, S. Maria; this last grape being the most important for the production of the Vin Santo of Vigoleno, a splendid dessert wine from olden times.

Each area of the vineyard has been carefully planned and planted with regard to the position and typology of earth and also to the characteristics of each type of wine to be produced.

Every wine-making sequence is finalised and processed firstly by the quality of the grape and then enhanced by the specific characteristics of the wines: the production and bottling has been aided by recent advancements in technology with respect to the environment, tradition and dedication.
The final result is that our production gives to those who drink our wines lasting satisfaction and a feeling for the land where it all started.