Lusignani - Vini dei colli piacentini
Degustazione e vendita diretta di vino dei Colli Piacentini
The history of a vineyard is the result of good management together with the ability to understand reality and the endeavour to continually improve.
Alberto started the tradition. He was born in Vigoleno in 1916 to a farming family. From a very young age he would accompany his father in the horse and cart as they crossed the hills to a local spa town, Salsomaggiore, where they would sell their wines to the local restaurants and hotels.
After his marriage to his wife Luisa, Alberto was even more determined than ever to succeed, especially as she had a small farm and, in 1946, they started together on the road which still continues with their grandchildren to the present day.
Their son Emilio has also grown up with this love of the land which he inherited from his parents: this small business set in the hills had a mixed produce (cereals, fodder, livestock and a small vineyard) but from the nineteen seventies, with this constant dedication to work, the farm has progressively changed over to vineyards, at the same time enlarging the range of wines produced.
In subsequent years a new wine cellar has been built together with a room where clients may enjoy wine-tasting.
Today the Lusignani vineyard is still family owned and is now headed by young Marco, Alberto�s grandson, assisted by his parents and brother Enrico.